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TalentPlanet® is a leadership development firm dedicated to the goal of developing the natural and authentic leadership capabilities of individuals at all levels of the enterprise. We firmly believe that to be a good leader you must be able to access, trust and act on your own leadership intuition. Without that native capability as a starting point no amount of leadership training will make a leader out of you.

Coach-on-Demand Series Podcasts®: Our podcasts are an innovative and cost-effective new way for companies to provide highly targeted, self-directed learning and development modules for staff. Our podcasts make the expertise of an executive coach available to all employees instead of just a few select executives and can be used as part of a blended learning solution, following any type talent assessment such as a 360˚, or as a stand alone development tool. In this era of tight budgets our podcasts reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of your leadership and management development initiatives along with your wider learning and development programs.

Executive Coaching: We offer individualized executive coaching to board members and executives who need to "step up" a level, and executives who need to overcome “career derailing” skill deficits.

Team and Culture Development: We design and facilitate team development activities including off-sites, roundtables and seminars. In addition, we help our clients build or update their company culture and organizational structure.

Retreat Planning and Facilitation: We provide planning and facilitation for a wide variety of team and board retreats and meetings focused on the areas of strategic planning, new team start-up, business planning, underperforming or dysfunctional teams, and realignment of business goals, among others.

Our mission is to build organizational capability through the development of individual and team potential®.



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“If you're going through hell, keep going.”
Winston Churchill

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