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San Francisco Chronicle

Julie N. Lynem, Chronicle Staff Writer
A Profile of Greg Ketchum
November 10, 2002
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Success During A Slump:
Surefire Tips To Boost Your Career

International Association of Business Communicators (SV-IABC) Communicators' Network
January 9, 2003
Luncheon Program

With a New Year comes new hope – new hope for opportunity and moving forward in your communications career. A new year, however, also brings career resolutions that are inevitably detoured or just fizzle out. How do you stay focused to meet your career goals, especially in a tough economy? Whether you’ve been laid off or survived another round of layoffs and are looking for a new opportunity, this month’s SV-IABC program will help you come away with a roadmap to make your career goal a reality. Join us for the January luncheon featuring Gregory Ketchum, Ph.D., better known to his CNET radio listeners as Dr. Greg. Using his unique mix of psychology and coaching expertise, Dr. Greg will present a lively, interactive mini-workshop to help you define and establish realistic professional goals for the coming year.
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“What seems mundane and trivial is the very stuff that discovery is made of. The only difference is our perspective, our readiness to put the pieces together in an entirely new way and to see patterns where only shadows appeared just a moment ago.”
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