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Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is increasingly being utilized by companies as part of their executive development program and by individual talent as part of their own career development. Building leadership skills and enabling executive talent to continually "step up" and master the next business challenge are two of the main goals of our executive coaching services.

Scenarios in which coaching can provide great value include...

  • First Time CEO: We specialize in coaching high tech, start-up CEOs.
  • Getting Out of Fire Fight Mode: The executive who needs to get control over their schedule and move out of working in “fire fight” mode to spending more time on strategy, planning and accomplishing the “big picture” business goals.
  • Stepping Up: The executive who needs to step his/her career up to the next level.
  • A New Role: The executive in a new role who needs to get up to speed quickly.
  • Career Derailment: The executive derailed by personal skill deficits.
  • Building A Strong Team: The executive who needs to build a high performance leadership team.

Executive coaching is an individualized development or learning activity, in which an executive works one on one with an executive coach. It enables the executive to develop in real time using real challenges he/she faces on the job. This benefits both the client and his/her company in more immediate ways than can be obtained by sending the executive to a week or two of executive training.

Points to Ponder
“Chance favors only the prepared mind.”
Louis Pasteur

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