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Team & Culture Development
Team & Culture Development

Team Development
Effective teamwork is an outright necessity in today's hotly competitive global economy. Companies engage us to build new teams into productive units, or to build under performing teams into "high performance" teams. Bottom line, we help teams "step up" to the next level of effectiveness, regardless of their current level of functionality. All of our team development work is aimed squarely at enabling teams to reach their business objectives.

Our team development activities include...

  • Coach the Team Leader: Team effectiveness begins with an effective leader. We coach the team leader to improve his/her leadership and team process skills.
  • Team Retreats: We work with the entire team to lay a solid foundation for effective teamwork in a series of team meetings and retreats.
  • Coach the Team: In addition to working with the entire leadership team, we provide individual coaching for each team member aimed at enabling them to develop essential teamwork skills.

Culture Development
Corporate culture is difficult to define, but when you have an unhealthy one, you know it. In fact, major corporations are beginning to recognize that without changing their company culture no amount of restructuring or job cutting will keep them competitive. In fact, many corporate turnaround fail for this very reason. Our culture development activities may be implemented one on one with the CEO/team leader or with the team in a series of team meetings or retreats.

Some of the key situations that we help clients address include...

  • Revitalizing a Moribund Culture: Many company cultures evolved in a different and outdated competitive business climate and are now obstacles to success and staying competitive. We help our clients revitalize moribund cultures into vital, flexible and adaptable cultures that offer a distinct competitive advantage.
  • New Company Start Up: With a start up, we help lay down a strong cultural foundation built upon the values of the company leaders.
  • Cultural Scale Up: We assist the CEO to scale an effective culture up as the company grows.
  • Dysfunctional Culture: We may be brought in to build an effective culture out of a dysfunctional one (i.e. low trust, ineffective teamwork, poor communication and high turnover, etc.).
Points to Ponder
“Trust is enormously powerful in a corporation. People won't do their best unless they believe they'll be treated fairly. The only way I know how to create that kind of trust is by laying out your values and then walking the talk. You've got to do what you say you'll do, consistently, over time.”
Jack Welch

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