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Our segments can be set up so that you can host on your own intranet, or accessed as a password protected site from our website. Either way our segments can be configured in a podcast “feed” that will alert you to new episodes as they are created and added to the library.

New segments will be added on a regular basis to the library of episodes that your employees will have access to, thereby keeping the content refreshed. Your staff can listen to episodes either on their computer or on any mp3 player at their leisure.

The majority of our episodes are audio segments, which we’ve found the majority of employees prefer, but we also have video segments available as well. Our segments average eight to fifteen minutes in length, which research shows is the preferred length of our target employee populations.

Our segments are done in a “talk show” format with an emphasis on identifying the everyday workplace challenges that block productivity and “bust” morale. We provide tips and techniques for meeting and resolving those challenges in a style that is both fun and informative.

We offer customized packages to fit your organization’s learning and development needs and can create segments on topics of your choice. The options of how you can access our segments include:

  • "Streaming Audio" (listening to it on the site)
  • Download MP3s
  • Podcasting (subscribe using iTunes or Juice)

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