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Sample Segments - Coach-on-Demand Learning and Development Series Podcasts


Our extensive and growing topics list runs the gamut of every conceivable workplace challenge that employees face day-in and day-out. Most of our episodes are centered around these everyday challenges (i.e., You Heard What About Me? How Not to be the Last to Know the Word on the Street About You) rather than being based on a classroom type topic (i.e., How to Receive Feedback). We can also produce custom episodes on topics of your choice.


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Wow. Living in Reality Really Blows My Mind!
The Importance of "Real Time" Feedback or How I Learned to Invite & Facilitate Open Communication From my Direct Reports  (13.05 MB)

How many times have you sat in meetings and observed that hardly anyone is speaking up or that only one or two people, the usual talkers, are talking. You leave the meeting and someone pulls you aside to tell you what they really felt, thereby inviting you into the "reality gap." In this episode we show you why it's important for you as a leader to decide if you want open communication on your team we show you how to make it happen.
The file may take a moment to open.

Here is just a small sample of additional topics that we cover. For a full list, contact us.

  • Can Someone Please Turn This Fire Hose Off? I’m Drinking as Fast as I Can!
    How to Get a Grip on the Deluge of Responsibilities in Your Role

  • It’s Time I Screw Up My Courage, Instead of Everything Else.
    Leadership Requires Courage and the Lack of It Inevitably Leads to Screw-Ups. Learn How to Keep Your Courage In Hand and Let it Guide You Like True North.

  • Hey, Where’d Everybody Go?
    Leading Your Team Through a Reduction in Force (RIF).

  • How Am I Supposed to Motivate My Troops When I Don’t Have Much Left Myself?
    Leading During Challenging and Uncertain Times: Keeping Yourself Motivated If You Don’t Know Where

  • If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going Any Road Will Get You There.  
    Leadership Starts With Setting and Achieving Your Goals.

  • We Have to Stop Meeting Like This.
    Tired of the Same Old Black Hole Meetings? Here’s How to Step it Up a Notch!

  • Custom segments available.

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“Every so often, life presents a great moment of decision, an intersection at which a man must decide to stop or go; a person lives with these decisions forever.”
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